Fiber Optic Strands inserted into printed brochures and other promotional products!

Electroluminescent Panels

EL Samples

Glowing paper for display, packaging, and wearables.

Ultra Thin Video Screens!

Thin Video Screen

Ultra Thin, Battery Driven video screens embedded into brochures, folders, and other promotional materials!

CD / DVD / BluRay

Mailer and CD

CD's, DVD's, BluRay... with plenty of packaging options!

NFC - Near Field Communication


NFC - Near Field Communication.  Next Generation of QR codes... plus alot MORE!

USB Flash Drives

WAY too many styles to show!

Remote Shutters

Remote Shutters

Formerly known as a cable release, remote shutters offer a way to activate your camera shutter without the need to actually touch the camera.

Power Banks

Power Banks

Power Banks are portable chargers which make using your smart devices on the go much easier and convenient process.