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Kopy-Rite is an INFORMATION MANUFACTURER, supporting your efforts to communicate electronically.

We take the information you provide – data, video, audio, and visual – and help you to distribute it in effective, clever ways.

We have a big toolbox. We offer low cost, fast solutions like optical discs. We are a leading source of high-quality, high-performance, USB flash drives that are guaranteed to work.

And we are a great place to come for sophisticated, fresh ideas. Leading-edge brochures that can integrate audio, video, and even fiber optic! Electroluminescent display technologies that make posters and packages glow. NFC tags that “magically” share data and provide instructions to smartphone, tablets, and other electronic devices.

You'll not find a more flexible, professional resource.

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We are happy to help provide data upload and verification services. You can send us the USB's -- no matter where you or your customer procured them -- and we'll add your content.

A dependable resource for products and services

  • We see a lot of cool stuff!

    Our customers serve a wide range of industries, from marketing and sales, to public relations, to training, to internal communications. We often see new, emerging trends in one industry which can be effectively applied in another.
  • We see a lot more cool stuff!

    We engage a wide range of suppliers, from technical to artistic... custom to production... international to domestic. We are oftentimes one of the first to see new products from our factory partners, and can help you to introduce leading-edge concepts.
  • We view things through a different lens

    We approach this industry from a different perspective than most. Our roots are in electronic data... and we've spent the past 23 years making sure the bits and bytes are 100% right. We worry about the INSIDE. When it arrives -- on time -- we make sure that it not only looks good, but that it WORKS!


  • Kopy-Rite can offer a complete, turnkey, "one-stop-shop" service. We collaborate with you, fully identify your needs, and then handle the rest. We can manufacture the products, as well as provide the data loading services.
  • Maybe you have already purchased the materials from your favorite distributor. Maybe your customer is supplying the materials. Maybe the job does not require any process, and you just need the products "bulk". Whatever the situation, we are happy to process the materials, copy the data, and devote our full attention to insuring you receive a high-quality final product
    • NFC Compatible Phones The list of NFC compatible phones is growing.  With the “New Every Two” plans offered by the cellular Phone companies, it is expected that NFC will be widely supported within the next several years.  You can check here for a list of NFC supported phones.
As you read about our services below, keep in mind that we offer creative packaging to go along with each of these items!



Fiber Optic Strands inserted into printed brochures and other promotional products!

Electroluminescent Panels

EL Samples

Glowing paper for display, packaging, and wearables.

Ultra Thin Video Screens!

Thin Video Screen

Ultra Thin, Battery Driven video screens embedded into brochures, folders, and other promotional materials!

CD / DVD / BluRay


Fiber Optic Strands inserted into printed brochures and other promotional products!

NFC - Near Field Communication

EL Samples

Glowing paper for display, packaging, and wearables.

USB Flash Drives

Mailer and CD

CD's, DVD's, BluRay... with plenty of packaging options!

Remote Shutters

Formerly known as a cable release, remote shutters offer a way to activate your camera shutter without the need to actually touch the camera.

Power Banks

Power Banks are portable chargers which make using your smart devices on the go much easier and convenient process. This useful technology is beneficial for anyone to ensure they remain powered up in a mobile world.